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Archimonde hc down

Postby Crangor » Oct 13th, '15, 09:31


Archimonde hc down at last conquest now 13/13 hc (screen shot to follow)

Thank you to all those that made it possible along with the few pugs we needed to make up the numbers.

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Fel Lord Bites the dust

Postby Crangor » Sep 20th, '15, 22:56

After a slight modification on tactics Fel lord went down for the first time

Only 2 bosses left on Heroic now :)

Keep up the great work guys

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Tyrant Down

Postby Crangor » Sep 15th, '15, 07:33

Conquest Down Tyrant and are now 10/13

Fel Lord almost went down too should be dead next week.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible

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Conquest downs xhul'horac

Postby Crangor » Sep 11th, '15, 09:36

Conquest downs xhul'horac and move to 9/13 on heroic hfc.

It’s been a testing expansion for Conquest within Wow as we have seen a number of old friends and familiar faces stop raiding for various reasons. We would like to wish them well and hope to see them return in Legion :)
We have recently recruited several new members of the raid team all of whom are starting to show their value to the raid and look set to pass their trials with flying colours. A special thanks goes out to those who have [...]

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Heroic Blackhand Down! On to Mythic!

Postby Moogo » Apr 26th, '15, 09:24

This last Monday we downed Blackhand. A big thanks to all those who made it and the effort put in to get this boss down in a timely fashion. Due to technical difficulties the video is delayed but hoping to upload it at some point. We get to start mythic next and I am excited to see how far we can get before the next tier.

Thanks to all those who made it possible.



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